Bob Belderbos

Special guest

Bob began his programming journey in 2009. Completely self taught, he started by automating workflows with shell scripts. He eventually took the plunge and moved into Web Development using PHP and MySQL.

He tried Perl for a while but was eventually introduced to Python and has never looked back.

In Bob's words, "It's hard to beat Python for its elegance, conciseness and its great community. It's easy to learn and is widely used in web frameworks, data science, GUI, games, network programming and more".

Bob is currently a Software Developer at Oracle Spain working in Construction Engineering. When he's not hard at work for the Man or slaving away at PyBites, Bob can be found tinkering around with all manner of code and programming languages on his personal blog, or, of course, enjoying the good life with his family!

You can find more of Bob at his personal blog or on twitter @bbelderbos.

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