Episode 100

Celebrating Motivation (with @mkennedy & @brianokken)


November 5th, 2022

46 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

After 100 episodes of Teaching Python, Kelly and Sean invite some friends of the show to share how they stay motivated.

We're joined by Michael Kennedy and [Brian Okken](twitter.com/brianokken) from the Python Bytes podcast to talk about the ways we stay motivated.

Listen in for tips and strategies from a variety of sources. How do you stay motivated?

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  • Python Testing with pytest: Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable: Okken, Brian: 9781680508604: Amazon.com: Books — Test applications, packages, and libraries large and small with pytest, Python's most powerful testing framework. pytest helps you write tests quickly and keep them readable and maintainable. In this fully revised edition, explore pytest's superpowers - simple asserts, fixtures, parametrization, markers, and plugins - while creating simple tests and test suites against a small database application. Using a robust yet simple fixture model, it's just as easy to write small tests with pytest as it is to scale up to complex functional testing. This book shows you how.