Episode 112

Dash, Plotly, and Learning

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In this episode, Kelly and Sean meet with Adam Schroeder, community manager at Plotly and author of The Book of Dash. We'll talk about how teachers can use data visualization in the classroom with Dash to bring data to life for their students.

If you're not familiar with the Dash and Plotly Python libraries, you can get started here with us! Dash is a library for building web-based dashboards to visualize your Python data. It uses Plotly, a library for making beautiful visualizations of data that are highly interactive.

Both libraries are open-source and maintained by the Plotly company, which provides enterprise-grade implementations of Dash and Plotly for business customers.

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Episode Links

  • Dash in 20 Minutes Tutorial | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly — By the end of this tutorial, you will understand the basic building blocks of Dash and you will know how to build this app.
  • Plotly Blog - What Scientists, Engineers, Teachers, &... — Making graphs and analyzing data are essential skills for science, engineering, journalism, and data analysis of all types. Collaborating online with our team means we can work better and faster. The status quo tools–pencil and paper, desktop software, and graphing calculators–present problems.
  • Plotly: Low-Code Data App Development — Dash Enterprise is the premier platform for building, scaling, and deploying data apps in Python.
  • The Book of Dash | No Starch Press — A swift and practical introduction to building interactive data visualization apps in Python, known as dashboards. You’ve seen dashboards before; think election result visualizations you can update in real time, or population maps you can filter by demographic. With the Python Dash library you’ll create analytic dashboards that present data in effective, usable, elegant ways in just a few lines of code.
  • Charming Data - YouTube
  • Minecraft EDU Digital Citizenship — Minecraft is an open-world game full of possibilities, where players can create and build, solve problems together, and explore amazing worlds. Learn how Minecraft is transforming education. Minecraft is working on a series of digital literacy/cyber safety worlds and lessons.