Episode 133

Live from PyCon 2024

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About this Episode

In this special episode of Teaching Python, hosts Sean Tibor and Kelly Schuster-Paredes broadcast live from PyCon US 2024, exploring the significant role educators play within the Python community. The hosts discuss the importance of engaging more educators at PyCon and other Python conferences, addressing the challenges and barriers educators face such as financial constraints, time commitments, and overcoming imposter syndrome. With contributions from a live audience, the episode delves into personal experiences of attendees, highlighting the immense value these conferences provide for professional development and networking. Discussion points include the benefits of the Education Summit, opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning, and the sense of community that PyCon fosters. The hosts also propose solutions to increase educator participation, including the potential for travel grants and better informational outreach. Together, they emphasize the collective goal of enriching the teaching and learning experience within the Python community by encouraging wider educator involvement.

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