Episode 39

Livestreaming about Distance Learning

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Kelly and Sean stream their show on Twitch as the world moves to quarantines and distance learning. What does this mean for teaching and coding? Learn about the things we took home from our classroom and how we are planning to teach in this new COVID-19 quarantined world.

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Episode Links

  • Lightform LF2: The AR projector — It’s a projector Use Lightform Creator AR content or plug-in your own HDMI signal and drive the show from Unity, Touch Designer, and more. LF2 supports 1920 x 1080p native resolution playback via the two HDMI inputs.
  • Overview | Prop-Maker Lightsaber | Adafruit Learning System — The Path to Prop Maker  Use your maker skills and become the Jedi you were meant to be! Construct your own lightsaber using 3D printed parts and electronics from Adafruit. This advanced prop uses an accelerometer to detect swings and hits to trigger super bright NeoPixels with full sound FX!
  • Fluency and Fitness® - Educational Brain Breaks — Fluency and Fitness® helps students review essential K-2 reading and math topics, while providing a movement break. Over 30,000 classrooms worldwide use Fluency and Fitness® for literacy and math blocks, brain breaks, inside recess, morning meetings, or just those few spare minutes in the day.  Teachers love that they don’t have to lose instructional time to fit in a movement break.  Students have so much fun, they don’t realize how much they’re learning.