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Cybersecurity Careers

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In the 2007 film, Shift Happens, Carl Fisch stated that “The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet, using technologies that haven’t been invented, in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.”

While the data that was used during the video cannot be completely verifiable, it is safe to say that the jobs of today have evolved quite a bit since 2004. In addition, a lot of these fields are global, rely heavily on technology and the use of code skills like Python programming. In this podcast series, we will speak to professionals in the field that have jobs in industries including Fintech 3.0, Cybertechnology, and Data Science.

We welcome Michele Darayanani, Nevena Lazarevic and Joe Farajallah to discuss the basics of Cybersecurity, what it is, what all does it involve, and how Python can be used to secure platforms from cyber attacks.

Michele leads the Cyber offerings for Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Medical Device Manufacturing clients. An avid advocate for usable security that drives business value through Cyber; he supports clients as a sounding board for the CISO, CISO coaching, Secure Cloud Transformations, Cyber Due Diligence, and Security Architecture.

Nevena is a passionate and proactive Cyber Security consultant with a Software Engineering background. Her focus within this area has been Cyber Defense, Security Transformation and Information Security.

Joe is a Cyber Security consultant focusing on ethical hacking and red team testing. He has a background in electrical engineering and networks.

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