Teresa Vallotton

Special guest

I have a passion for teaching and farming. After growing up on a farm I took a break for university and some other adventures and then returned to the farm in 2010 when I married my other/better half. Together with my husband and two daughters we operate a grain farm in Southwest Manitoba . Each year we host young farmers (aka “brothers” for the girls) who come to Canada to learn about Canadian farming practices.

My off-farm work experience was in K-12 math education and I hold a masters degree in Administrative Studies. In my spare time, I am involved with several community boards and enjoy being outdoors with my girls.

I feel strongly that agriculture is a field of the future and that ag related professionals will be in high demand as the world population continues to grow, urban populations expand and consumers are more interested than ever in how their food is produced. Over the last century, technological advances in agriculture have shifted the farming profession away from hard physical labour. This shift has opened more doors for women to engage in farming in a variety of ways. My goal for FarmFemmes is to promote this forward-thinking, innovative and technology rich view of agriculture – a side benefit of which is the inclusion of more women in ag. My hope is that this site, and it’s content, are not gender specific, but rather future-oriented farmer specific; it just so happens that the two future-oriented farmers who started the site happen to be women.

Agriculture is a huge field and I hope to promote and educate about some aspects of farming as they relate to my farm experiences. I believe that if we all engage in a conversation about ag we can grow our knowledge and promote our industry – I hope you will join me in this adventure.

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