Teaching Python

Episode Archive

Episode Archive

42 episodes of Teaching Python since the first episode, which aired on December 5th, 2018.

  • Episode 30: Teaching Adult Learners

    November 5th, 2019  |  55 mins 39 secs
    adult education, python, teaching

    In this episode, Kelly and Sean speak to Reuven Lerner about how to teach adult learners and people switching to Python from other languages. Reuven is a corporate trainer of Python and Data Science. He helps developers around the world learn how to code in Python. As fellow teachers, we dive into the similarities and differences of teaching adults versus students. What works? What is new and interesting?

  • Episode 29: Non-Traditional Python Education

    October 28th, 2019  |  48 mins 6 secs
    guests, panel, python

    This week, Kelly and Sean are joined by Brianne Caplan from Code Your Dreams and Gabrielle Rabinowitz from the BridgeUP: STEM Program at the American Museum of Natural History to discuss K-12 Python Education that happens outside of a traditional classroom.

  • Episode 28: 10 Things We Wish We Knew

    October 20th, 2019  |  33 mins 44 secs
    education, python, reflection, teaching

    Has it already been a year of learning and teaching Python for Kelly and Sean? In this episode, our co-hosts talk about the things they wish they knew a year ago to make their Python journey even better.

  • Episode 27: Automate the Boring Teaching Stuff

    October 4th, 2019  |  43 mins 14 secs
    automation, coding, python

    Isn’t it surprising how much repetition goes into the job of teaching? What if you could use Python to automate that and focus on the work that adds the most value for your students? Or at least eliminate the boring teaching stuff like transferring grades or setting up iPads.

  • Episode 26: Building Lessons and Planning the Curriculum

    September 3rd, 2019  |  48 mins 56 secs
    design, python, teaching

    In this episode, Kelly and Sean discuss how their philosophy of teaching helps them to design their daily curriculum for their courses.

  • Episode 25: The Best Editors and IDEs for Teaching Python

    July 17th, 2019  |  34 mins 12 secs
    python, software, teaching

    In this episode, Sean and Kelly discuss their top 5 favorite editors for teaching (and learning) Python.

  • Episode 24: Avoiding the Summer Slide (For Teachers)

    June 27th, 2019  |  30 mins 34 secs
    professional development, project-based learning, python, teaching

    Many teachers give advice to parents on how to keep kids engaged during the summer. Sean and Kelly take their own advice and apply it to teachers and professional development. In this episode, we discuss how to avoid the “Summer Slide” and what we are doing to keep on learning.

  • Episode 23: Being Reflective: A Year of Learning, Teaching, and Python

    June 20th, 2019  |  38 mins 12 secs
    python, reflection, teaching

    Kelly and Sean both agree that reflecting on your teaching is vital for our growth as educators and learners. In this episode, they take a few moments to reflect on their year, their lessons, their learning, and their progress. “ Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous.”-Confucius

  • Episode 22: Talking About Teaching With Meg Ray

    June 20th, 2019  |  51 mins 34 secs
    pedagogy, python, teaching

    In this episode, Kelly and Sean talk to freelance educational consultant Meg Ray. She was the founding Teacher in Residence at Cornell Tech where she was responsible for the implementation and design of a coaching program for K-8 CS teachers in New York City schools.

  • Episode 21: Agriculture and AI with FarmFemmes

    May 28th, 2019  |  36 mins 15 secs
    agriculture, farmfemmes, python

    When most of us think of agriculture, we don't think of it as a cutting-edge playground for AI, robotics, and data science development in Python. You may be surprised to learn how the next generation of agriculture professionals embraces innovation to make our food supply more affordable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

  • Episode 20: Building Your Python PLN (Personal Learning Network)

    May 18th, 2019  |  20 mins 17 secs
    learning, python, teachers, twitter

    In this episode, Sean and Kelly discuss the importance of having a Personal Learning Network or PLN, why we use it, and how to develop one for your computer science teaching with Python.

  • Episode 19: No Longer PyCon Newbies

    May 5th, 2019  |  38 mins 35 secs
    live, pycon, python

    Kelly and Sean reflect on their first ever PyCon in Cleveland, Ohio. Topics include the Education Summit, amazing people we've met, cross-stitch embroidery problem solving using Python, and mini-interviews with attendees.