Episode 109

What We Did on Our Podcast Sabbatical

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Show Notes:

  1. Personal Updates
    • Sean Tibor shares his excitement about meeting his overseas team members for the first time.
    • He also expresses pride at watching his first batch of students graduate and choose to study in computer science and related fields.
  2. Future Learning Journeys
    • Kelly Schuster-Paredes reflects on the exciting learning opportunities the students will undertake.
    • She expresses hope that these students will return to share their experiences and insights (Teaching Python website).
  3. Inviting Past Students on the Podcast
    • Both hosts discuss the possibility of inviting former students to the podcast as guests.
  4. Current Students Excelling
    • Kelly shares an anecdote about a 6th grader surpassing her knowledge in Python's Turtle module.
  5. Plans for the Podcast
    • Return in June with the first guest speaker of the year.
    • Considering a summer sabbatical to prepare for the upcoming school year.
    • Plans to enhance their Patreon community with exclusive benefits.
  6. Reach Out!
    • Sean invites listeners to reach out via social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    • He also encourages feedback on potential topics or guests for future podcast episodes through their website contact form.
  7. Signing Off
    • The hosts sign off, promising more Python learning insights and experiences in the next episodes.

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