Episode 110

CircuitPython with Kattni Rembor


June 23rd, 2023

1 hr 4 mins 31 secs

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  • Welcome to this week's episode, entirely devoted to CircuitPython. We're excited to have Kattni Rembor from Adafruit as our special guest, who has contributed extensively to the CircuitPython platform, from beginner guides to advanced projects.

Kattni's Win of the Week

  • Kattni shares her current project, a guide for creating a keyboard key switch with NeoPixels underneath. Each key press generates a random LED color.

Our Wins of the Week

  • Kelly Schuster-Paredes, currently on vacation, shares her achievement of resting for two consecutive minutes.
  • Sean shares his experience using the Marp tool for presentations but admits to time management struggles.

CircuitPython Introduction

  • We delve into CircuitPython, a version of Python designed for microcontrollers. Created for beginners and educational purposes, it provides a unique approach to learning Python.

CircuitPython Applications

  • Kattni enlightens us on the vast applications of CircuitPython, ranging from environmental sensing to assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

CircuitPython Capabilities

  • We discuss how CircuitPython simplifies complex tasks, fostering creativity and making tasks like LED blinking quite straightforward.

CircuitPython Boards

  • At the time of recording, there are 413 boards compatible with CircuitPython available at circuitpython.org. We also discuss Adafruit's educational pricing and discounts.

Top CircuitPython Boards

  • We list our top five favorite boards for education, ease of use, and fun projects, including Blue fruit and Circuit Playground Express.

Getting Started with CircuitPython

  • Starting with CircuitPython can be challenging for beginners. We discuss some common issues and solutions, like copying required libraries immediately after importing.

CircuitPython in the Classroom

  • We highlight the immense possibilities of CircuitPython in educational settings and encourage educators to explore its potential.

Connect with Kattni Rembor

  • You can follow Kattni Rembor's projects on the Adafruit Learning System and on social media platforms like Mastodon.

Live Streaming Announcement

  • Kelly announces the "Summer of Streaming," aiming to live stream every Wednesday at three.

Closing Remarks

  • We wrap up the episode with Kattni expressing her enjoyment in discussing CircuitPython and her excitement for future projects. Sean and Kelly sign off, looking forward to the next episode.
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